Glacier Skate Association


the gsa Mission

The mission of the Glacier Skatepark Association (GSA) is to raise funds and help create accessible skate features in Washington State communities.




NW skatepark farmers

Building a skatepark in your local community will make a lasting mark. Working together with the county, local businesses, along with the community of Glacier we were able to turn a pile of coal into a source of pride. We raised funds by hosting local art auctions and live music performances and turned those funds into a functional sculpture that will be enjoyed for decades by locals and visiting skaters.


The locals came together in so many ways to support the "Coal Pad" skatepark, many dedicating 100's of hours of labor, machinery, food and offering their skills. Our town of Glacier has been forever changed through the act of building a skatepark in our community by our community for every skater that comes through town.